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Zodiac Bracelet

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Shine bright as a diamond this Lunar New Year with this season's most luxe and festive accessory du jour: the Zodiac bracelet. Featuring an intricately-knotted red nylon cord accented with precious 100% real jade globules, the bracelet is topped off with an exquisite miniature Zodiac figurine of your choice, crafted fully with 18K gold and VS-diamonds.

In Chinese culture, jade symbolizes nobility and strength; the color red signifying prosperity and good fortune, and the 12 zodiac signs a marker of one’s own personality and astrological destiny. An iconic personal fashion statement piece and tailored good luck charm, the elegant bracelet immediately elevates any look, and is perfect for the individual of culture, taste and refinement.

Hand-woven and made-to-order by a professional Los Angeles artisan who specializes in Asian cultural jewelry, the bracelet comes in two different sizes (5-inches and 7-inches) to best suit your personal preferences and sizing requirements.

Animal: Rooster
Bracelet Length: 5 inches
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